Charitable Giving Fund Management

A donor advised fund benefits the community and your credit union.

If your credit union is considering its own foundation, a Donor Advised Fund offers significant benefits and is an excellent way to carry out your charitable wishes. A Carolinas Credit Union Foundation Donor Advised Fund gives your credit union the flexibility of its own foundation without the task of starting and managing a private foundation.

A Carolinas Credit Union Foundation Donor Advised Fund offers many of the advantages of a private foundation without the initial set-up costs, ongoing excise taxes, and administrative expenses. By working with the Carolinas Credit Union Foundation, your credit union will avoid the continued compliance and reporting requirements as well as a separate accounting system to track your nonprofit’s financials.

With a Donor Advised Fund you can simplify and improve your credit union’s charitable giving because donors including both individuals and organizations) can leverage the tax deductibility of donations.

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Current Donor Advised Funds

Your credit union can provide financial assistance in times of hardship.

The Carolinas Credit Union Foundation is now managing hardship funds on behalf of credit unions to provide grants to employees who have encountered personal financial hardships for reasons beyond their control and/or due to disasters.

Current Hardship Funds

Lets us help with your fundraising events.

Working with chapters, credit unions and business partners, the Carolinas Credit Union Foundation is assisting with the coordination of fundraising events across the Carolinas to support our local non-profits.

Current Fundraising Funds