Principles and Philosophy Conference

What makes the Principles & Philosophy Conference unique?

Planned and hosted by a volunteer group of Credit Union Development Educators in North Carolina and South Carolina, the conference continues to be a premier offering of the Carolinas Credit Union League with the Carolinas Credit Union Foundation as a new partner. The conference helps to fund scholarships to attend the National Credit Union Foundation’s DE Program; and the curriculum connects credit union staff with our purpose and passion. Jeff Hardin, the Foundation’s director of collaborative programs, coordinates this new partnership and continues to lead the event.

“I have been in the financial industry for over 25 years, in commercial banking regulation, consulting commercial banks and credit unions all over the country and now back to the regulatory side for credit unions. I have over 1,400 hours of training in the industry and have never attended a class that focused on the true nature and purpose, and history of the industry as this one.”

-- 2017 conference attendee
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Staff and volunteers at credit unions of $100M in assets or below may apply and be considered for a scholarship to attend the conference. Scholarships include all conference costs (all meals, two nights of lodging, and all conference materials). Incidental costs, including travel to and from the conference center, are not included. Scholarship applications are accepted through the first Friday in September each year. The form is available here.

Share in the core principles and values that make credit unions great!

The conference is a deep dive into the cooperative business model and The Cooperative Principles that differentiate credit unions in the marketplace. 

In addition to the operating principles, attendees learn the social purpose of co-ops and credit unions. Participants leave with a greater understanding of just how special credit unions are, and why the Seven Cooperative Principles are at heart good business practices.

The Principles & Philosophy Conference appeals to a wide range of professionals, including:

  • Young professionals who wish to learn more about credit unions.
  • More seasoned professionals who have come to credit unions from banks and other industries.
  • Longtime credit union employees who wish to deepen their appreciation for the uniqueness of credit unions & co-ops. 

For more information on the conference, please contact:

Jeff Hardin, the Carolinas Credit Union Foundation’s director of collaborative programs, at 336-601-1764 or [email protected].