Operational Supporters

Thanks to each of our supporters in 2022 and the continued commitment from the credit union industry, the Carolinas Credit Union Foundation can stand firm and focused on our mission to empower and inspire credit unions in the Carolinas to better our communities. Through the commitment of those highlighted, the operations of the Foundation are made possible. We thank you! Your support of the Foundation’s operations includes: staffing, development and travel for all employees; accounting services with the League; all external marketing, legal and auditing fees; and our technology, software and equipment. We also allocate a portion of our operational funding each year to support our many scholarship and grants under our Program Fund. If you are so inclined to donate to the Foundation’s Operations Fund or Programs Fund, please click here.

Credit Unions & Partner Supporters

Up to $2,000+

Individual Supporters

Up to $500
Payroll Deduction

Award Gala Sponsors

The Foundation’s Annual Awards Gala serves as the exclusive fundraiser for operations. The Awards Gala held on February 3, 2022 raised nearly $15,000 and we would like to especially recognize our sponsors.