Community Endowment Fund

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A new way to give.

To meet the needs of today and tomorrow, the Foundation has introduced the Community Endowment Fund to ensure a source of funding for our collaborative community impact projects.

With the Community Endowment Fund, the Foundation will fund community grants and programs that support the Foundation’s mission. Participating credit unions will be “endowment trustees” and may help lead the direction of this innovative community grant program. The hope is to engage and re-energize the credit union chapter network, to identify local nonprofits in need of support as they focus on the areas of teaching, feeding and healing our children locally.

Credit Unions have two opportunities to participate


Similar to the existing Community Investment Fund, in partnership with Vizo Financial, credit unions will invest funds and share 100% of the interest with the Foundation. Unlike a traditional endowment, credit unions will retain ownership of the deposit in the Community Endowment Fund. This will be a 0% yield deposit account on a credit union’s balance sheet and callable after five years. Both members and non-members of Vizo will be eligible to participate


Your credit union may also make donations directly to the Community Endowment Fund. 100% of your donation will go back into local communities through grants and programs that support the Foundation’s mission.

As your longtime partner in philanthropy, the Carolinas Credit Union Foundation knows that great things happen when we unite. Take the challenge and invest in enriching lives through the Community Endowment Fund.

Credit Unions who have taken the challenge:

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Local Government Federal Credit Union
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Summit Credit Union
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Members Credit Union
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CO-OP Financial Services in honor of John Radebaugh

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