Small Credit Union Grants

Thank you so much for this opportunity. This scholarship will allow me to receive an Executive Coach to help in achieving higher goals personally and for my credit union. The foundation’s generosity and support is an investment in the advancement of the credit union movement.

The Carolinas Credit Union Foundation helps enrich the lives of those in the Carolinas by supporting the ability of credit unions to make a greater impact in their communities. Through Professional Development Grants offered in partnership with the Carolinas Foundation, credit union staff and volunteers are able to grow their knowledge to better serve their members. Credit unions with $50 million or less in assets are eligible for Professional Development Grants to cover training expenses under several resources.

Hamilton Professional Development Grant Fund (managed by the Carolinas Foundation):

Thanks to the financial support of Summit Credit Union and the Elizabeth N. and James V. Hamilton Fund, credit unions with $50 million or less in assets are eligible for grants to cover top-tier training and education expenses. Elizabeth “Sis” Hamilton served as the manager and CEO of Summit Credit Union for 60 years and served on the board of directors for 70 years, making her the longest serving credit union volunteer in U.S. history. During that time, she managed as many as five other credit unions while also managing Summit Credit Union. Sis was a pioneer in our industry and valued the important role of small credit unions in our communities. In honor of her legacy and that of her late husband, Summit Credit Union has allocated $100,000 to the Carolinas Credit Union Foundation to underwrite its Professional Development Grant Program to preserve the important role of small credit unions in the Carolinas. In 2019, $20,000 was awarded to 21 small credit unions for training expenses. Read more here.

Instructions for Submission

The 2021 grant cycle for the Hamilton Fund will run from early November through mid-December 2020. Small credit unions interested in applying should review this year’s instructions and email the grant request to Lauren Whaley by December 18, 2020. Grants are available for most conferences in the Carolinas as well as regional and national opportunities and strategic planning services. Grants will include the professional development fees but travel and accommodation expenses will be the responsibility of the credit union. A maximum of $1,250 per credit union per calendar year may be awarded.

Carolinas Foundation and League partner on new coaching grant for small CUs

The Carolinas CUDE Scholarship Fund (managed by the Carolinas Foundation):

The Carolinas CUDEs created the Principles & Philosophy Conference in 2010 in order to provide credit union staff with an in-depth look at the credit union business model, the Seven Cooperative Principles and the role of credit unions in the financial system. Presented in partnership with the Carolinas Credit Union League each year, the conference has grown into a vital educational event for the benefit of credit union staff and volunteers. Earnings from the conference each year are swept into the Carolinas CUDE Scholarship Fund at the Carolinas Credit Union Foundation. This fund has provided scholarship opportunities for the Principles & Philosophy Conference for the past three years and starting in 2017, DE scholarships were added.
Instructions for Submission
Small credit unions are eligible for scholarship funds for the Principles & Philosophy Conference as well as DE through the Carolinas CUDE Scholarship Fund. If you are interested in applying for or learning more about these scholarship opportunities, please contact Jeff Hardin (919-457-9063) at the Carolinas Credit Union League.

The Carolinas Credit Union Foundation’s Programs Fund: 

Thanks to the generosity of credit unions in the Carolinas who support the Community Investment Fund, the Foundation has the ability to offer small credit union grants for Vizo’s Financial Conference, Payments Conference and Security & Compliance Workshop (registration fees only – event details here). Additionally, small credit unions are also eligible for grants for single and webinar packages offered by the Carolinas Credit Union League. Other discretionary grants may also be provided based on the needs of individual small credit unions.
Instructions for Submission
Please complete the grant application linked here and email to Lauren Whaley at [email protected]. Please allow two weeks for approval and processing. Funds are limited and are available on a first-come, first-served basis. A maximum of $1,250 per credit union per calendar year may be awarded. This includes Hamilton Grants but excludes scholarships and grants from other resources, including the Carolinas CUDE Scholarship Fund.